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Privacy Statement

At Music Video Base we do not collect any personal information while you browse our website. Any personal data we do obtain ie. collected from emails, simple will never be supplied to any 3rd parties.

Collected Data

From our Server Statistics we are able to view an individuals ip addresses and may be able to lookup which ISP is supplying that ip address. We only would lookup an individuals ISP if we were getting abuse from that particular user. From our logs we are able to see the date and time at which you viewed the site plus the pages visited, and other standard information including which browser and operating system you were using. We mainly use this log data to see which pages are receiving the most hits.

Please note that we are not able to collect any personally identifiable information from this standard log data. The data is used by us but may be passed on to any 3rd parties (such as your ISP) only if we receive abuse from a particular user.


Cookies are not used on this website.

External Sites

We may link to external websites, that is, websites that are not part of the Music Video Base domain (refered to as third-party websites). We are not responsible for the content of these external internet sites. We are careful who we link initially, but since these websites are out of our control they could contain unsuitable content and may have privacy policies which differ from ours. You may review their policies if you are concerned.

Email Addresses

We take email privacy very seriously at Music Video Base. Any Email address the user supplies when sending a message from our website form, are not, and will never be given or sold to 3rd parties. This includes any personal information we may obtain from emails we receive.

Contacting us

If you have any concerns about this, or have comments or questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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