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Stage 1 : Locating a Song

First you must try to locate the song you wish to insert into your website. If you already know the name of the song you can search for this by clicking on the Search link across the main menu bar. Simply type the name of the song or artist you had in mind.

If you are unsure of the song and only know part of the name, you can type in what you know and we may be able to find the song / artist for you.

Alternatively check out our full listings for some ideas.

Stage 2 : Obtaining the Music Code Block

The music code block will link your webpage to the music video, so it is very important you copy the code provided exactly as provided.

example code block

Above shows an example of what the Music Code Block looks like. To get hold of it you must copy its contents to the clipboard. This is done by;

  1. Left-clicking anywhere within the Music Code Block - This makes the block active.
  2. Pressing Ctrl+A - This will automatically select all of the text within the window (making the text appear highlighted - as seen above)
  3. Presssng Ctrl+C - This will copy the text within the window.

Stage 3 : Inserting the Code

Depending on your host, be it MySpace, Xanga or a blog you must edit the page in html and insert the code you have just copied from Music Video Base. To insert the Music Code Block you must press Ctrl+V.

You should now be ready to watch and enjoy full-length music videos from your webpage!

Any Queries? Please contact us.

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